Why do some owners give up their dogs?

Reasons vary from personal (e.g., divorce, moving, lease restrictions) to economic, but sometimes behavioral or medical issues with a pet. Watch a great video we put together on our dogs.

Do you ever rescue pets from other shelters?

Yes. It’s often necessary to keep them from being “put down,” and it’s much easier to intervene in the case of young, healthy, sociable, and ultimately desirable cats and dogs.

Rescuing them also provides additional inventory for the shelter (adoptions are part of our revenue stream); however, this continues to be a “win-win” situation for the animals, the shelter, and the community.

Do you ever turn away pets?

We hate to turn cats or dogs away, but occasionally we have to due to temperament or space.

How can I donate to your shelter?

You can donate online at paypal, or you can make your personal check out and send it to:

West End Shelter for Animals
1010 E. Mission Blvd
Ontario, California

How can I post a review of your shelter?

To write a review of our shelter, please visit our Google Maps page or Yelp. If for some reason, you were dissatisfied with your transaction or visit, please contact us first and give us an opportunity to remediate the issue. We have a challenging job, but we respect and appreciate our donors, pet owners, volunteers and would love to hear from you.

How do I volunteer, and how much of my time is required?

We cherish our volunteers, but it does require a certain amount of in-house training to ensure a safe environment for you, our pets, and guests visiting our shelter. Learn more about becoming a West End Shelter for Animals volunteer.

How difficult is it to adopt a cat or dog from your shelter?

It’s not hard at all. In a nutshell, you complete an application, are interviewed, and occasionally we’ll ask to visit your home where the cat or dog would be living. We screen for pet and owner safety, landlord concerns, fencing, allergies, children issues, and other related topics of concern. We do our best to ensure that only loving, caring, and responsible people adopt our pets. Learn more about our Animal Adoption process.

What is your commitment to the spaying and neutering of pets?

One of our major commitments to the community is the promotion of spaying/neutering of all pets. Any pet that is adopted from the shelter is spayed or neutered. We can also refer clients to low-cost spay/neuter locations.

Can you make public referrals?

We offer public referrals to other shelters and various breed rescues. We can also recommend emergency clinics, groomers, trainers, and pet sitters.

What is the shot clinic?

One of our best success stories is our low-cost shot clinic. It’s a high regarded service administered by a local veterinarian every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. We think you’ll find it to be one of the lowest priced services available. Read more about our services, prices, and hours here.

Do you offer immunizations outside of the shot clinic hours?

Shots other than rabies can be provided during the week during office hours. The Tuesday evening shot clinic generally offers bonus products (pet swag) to its patrons, sometimes pet food or pet accessories usually provided free with a paid immunization. Find out more…

Does the clinic offer public tours?

West end Shelter for Animals promotes the human/animal bond benefits by hosting student and group tours and providing information on pet care and pet ownership. This is a growing part of what we do at the Shelter and future plans will provide additional facilities for this.

Will your staff and/or volunteers speak at our school?

Yes. We speak at schools and organized events. Please contact us at 909.947.3517 well in advance of your planned date.

What is your position on pets and senior companionship?

We try to place older pets with less active seniors to enhance the quality of their lives.
How can our organization get involved with West End Shelter for Animals?

Please contact us online, or call 909.947.3517 to make an appointment to stop by and discuss. Many Boy Scouts have provided community service hours to the shelter, including Eagle Scout projects. We very much appreciate your involvement, as do the animals we care for.